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What all does Rotor keep in that Storeroom?!
"Oh, no!  Not the STOREROOM!!"  -- Sonic the Hedgehog

This is where I store the things (song parodies, for example) that I didn't make all by myself ^.^

Messageboard Madness

These rants, parodies, and other interesting things came from various messageboards.


Censorship  -- by Malachite

S U Sucks! -- A parody of the Sonic Underground title theme.  Written by Ian (assisted by Big Robotnik).

Ken Got Run Over by a Reindeer: This post is a song parody.  Yes, it was posted at Ken's--and, yes, he was a good sport about it. Edited version, courtesy of SonicBoom13.

 Knuxie-pie: A parody of  "American Pie".  This fan has a creative way of dealing with the cancellation of Knux's comic.

A Barrel of Archies: Mager's funny fic about the staff at Archie Comics.

Modern Model of a Cyberpunk: An amusing song parody from WB.

Eggman Clause (?!?):Uh, holiday song parodies seem to have become a tradition over at Ken's. This one was posted by T2.

Drazen's Parody: Dan Drazen posted this at Ken's a few days before he finished his review for Sonic #100. "American Pie" seems to be popular with the parody crowd ;D


Sonic Adventure 2 Reviewed: Self-explanatory.
Sonic Adventure 2, demo:The Guy With the Hat gave us his 2 cents' worth on the demo version for Sonic Adventure 2.
Sonic Shuffle, Reviewed:The Guy With the Hat critiqued that game.

StH #104, Reviewed: Dr. Big Robotnik gave us the dirt on #104.  The other regulars tossed in their $0.02 worth.
StH #103, line-up: Mike On-Line explains the character match-ups in this gig.
StH #103, Reviewed: The usual suspects comment about Sonic the Hedgehog #103.
StH #102, Art Critique: Many of the regulars make much a-boo about something ;D
StH #102, Reviewed: Self-explanitory.
StH #101, Reviewed: Contains -many- SPOILERS! (You were warned.)
StH #99, Reviewed: to quote Lady Laguna, "Has Karl EVER cleared up anything?"
StH #98, Reviewed: Looks like the staff did -something- right... ;D
StH #96, In Flames: The campers at Rexy's were very unhappy...
StH #96, Reviewed: Once again, the regulars at Ken's share their opinions.
StH #93: comments about the Knux story, mostly.
StH #91, Reviewed: The usual suspects at Ken's posted what they thought of this issue.
WB's Review of StH #90: Plenty of cliff-booting for everybody! ;D
Mistakes in STH #89: There were lots of oopsies in this one! :O
StH #88, Reviewed: The regulars at Ken's comment about this issue of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog.

SSS #15 Reviewed: The campers at Ken's weren't very happy...
SSS#14, Reveiwed: The general verdict is that "Best of Times, Worst of Times" rocked (big time!) and "Law of the Land" didn't impress people.
Sonic Super Special #13, Reviewed: Here's what some of the regulars at Ken's said about that issue. 

Rants & other threads:

Ian Flynn's 2015 Q&A session: Very interesting replies to various questions, and not -all- of 'em pertain to the comics he's currently writing for Archie.

Gone...but NOT Forgotten: Sonique broke the bad news about Ben Hurst's passing.

The Dirt on SatAM DVD's: Sonicmax & Sonique got to the bottom of the reason why more SatAM Sonic DVD's weren't released...

Ian's Answers: And the big question he addressed was "How could the current continuity be fixed?"

Ian--on Roboticization: Self-explanitory.

Questions for Chordsy: You have questions?  We have Chordsy :) ...and she has answers.

Karl Bollers mini-FAQ:  You have questions?  Karl tried to explain a few things here...

What happened to Kragok? Inquiring fans wanna know that after reading StH# 101. Ken doesn't shed much light on the subject,tho'.

Sonic the Hedgehog #100, preview: Contains SPOILERS!

WB Rants Again: Could Geoffrey possibly be the "Ultimate Villain" we keep hearing about???

What's in a Name?: This discussion about character names popped up at the Mobius Forum.
Robotnik's Name: Czech fan "shadowhedgehogcz" had something interesting to add.

Slicer's Top 10 List: 10 things Slicer would do to "fix" the comics.  Rebuttal & comments follow.

Ode to the Guardian: A poem 'bout Knux, penned by Emerald ("Emmy")Echidna.

State of the Comics Address: Something interesting showed up in the drop box...

James Fry Explains Mina:,but some of the Forumers don't buy it.

ABC Executives Stink!:  Tell me something I don't know, Sonique ;p

The Dangers of Drugs:  Sarah-Le describes how she almost lost her brother.  (Yeah, I know this is off-topic--but if you think drug abuse is no big deal,read this!)

Sonic Forever!: Self explanatory.

Blunderhawk: Thunderhawk made a biiig mistake over in The Cavern...

Echidnas & Marriage: Uh, I have no way to describe this thread, 'cept it concerns Julie-Su's maritial status while Lara-Su is being born.

Knuckles, 20 Years Later: This Super Special might not see print :(

The Guardian's Daughter: The latest dirt on Lara-Su.

Copyrights: Ken asked for our opinions on this subject...and he got 'em ;)

Continuity Wars: Dan Drazen's "2 cent's worth" on the different Sonicverses.  Comments follow.

The StH/StC Debate: Disagreements broke out over at True Red's old messageboard while fans defended their comics.

Fred the Punk Skeleton Vs. Locke: The Brotherhood is waaaay outta character in this round robin (on ROBOJIF's Cavern MB) but it's so funny, nobody cares!  Er, almost nobody...;)

New Writer?: News about Danny Fingeroth writing some issues of Sonic the Hedgehog causes speculations to fly at Ken's.

Ghetto Freedom Fighters??: Posters at Ken's detected some 'Ghettospeak' in certain issues of StH.  One poster in particular made a hilarious reply.

Sonic Adventure Profiles: Chainspike (Lien) shared this info. at Ken's, for the benefit of those of us (me, for instance) who don't have a Dreamcast & SA..

Spaz's Art: This topic popped up over at Ken's.

Bunnie & the Energizer Bunny: Somebody had a few comments about a certain pic of mine.

Sonic Cartoons: Is it even -fair- to compare AoStH, SatAM, and SU to each other?  Kinda like comparing apples, oranges, and bananas to me...

Sonic #100: Self-explanatory.

Chaos Emerald Theories: Just what are they & how do they work?  The regulars at Ken's take a few shots at answering this.

Bunnie's Bod: The infamous question(s) concerning her bodily functions has come up once again...on -2- 'boards (!!!). WARNING!  This discussion got -very- disgusting!   (Also contains mild profanity.)

Return of SatAM Sonic???: There was a rumor floating around that Ben Hurst was going to try to get SatAM Sonic back into production.  The rumor was -TRUE-!  Read the details in these posts from Mobius Forum.

The Janelle-Le Files: Lots of speculation about Janelle-Le (Athiar's mom) & why she didn't live as long as the other Guardians.

Weird Food Fight -- Er, stranger things -have- happened over at TSIC.

Knuckles' Chaotic Powers -- KtE #32 sorta instigated this discussion over at Ken's.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly -- These rants (which were posted on the CDRR Off-Topic 'Board) range from negative opinions of Sonic Underground to the fate of the House of Acorn.

Bad News for Sonic Underground -- More talk about the show (posted on Ken's Messageboard).

Much Ado About SSS#11:  Sonic Super Special #11 touched off a -lot- of discussion...
SSS#11 Poll: Results of a poll (which was at The Sonic Foundation) touch off Round 2 of our SSS#11 discussions.

Random Rants about Bunnie -- JCN's observations started this (on Ken's 'board)..

Sonic & Sally: The most volatile topic in all of Sonic fandom is bravely tackled over at Ken's.  Bring your own fire-proof suit ;O

Ken Penders Explains...

Sonic's Wedding: A scan of some artwork that Spaz drew for a fan (for a price $$$).

Fan Art from other fans

Okay, so my policy was not to post any fan art that wasn't mine.   These are the exceptions to that policy...

MoKat Sprites: Unknown from AI made these nice sprites for me :)
MoKat:  T2 was nice enough to draw my MB fic character.
John Hedgehog:  Ian the Potto's rendition of a certain fan character.
Meatloaf: Sarah-Le's pic of her pet meatloaf, um, Meatloaf.  (See "Weird Food Fight" above.)
Running Gag:  Sarah-Le -really- likes Constable Remington...;)
Sarah-Le's "fashion statement": Another pic by (& -of-) Sarah-Le (the Echidnoyle).  I think those are -Remington's- boxers on her head ;o  Here's my follow-up on the gag.
Lianne-Ka: (a.k.a. "True Red") Pic of a fan character, drawn by me & colored by DDMouse.  Lianne-Ka's comments: That was very good :) I don't have that big a bust line though. Other than that, it was perfect.
Cheer up, Sal: A very nice sketch from Shredder of Sonic & Sally, who are doing some serious emoting here.
For Sally Fans: An awesome pencil pic of Princess Sally from Shredder.
SatAm Trio: Shredder's way -past- cool color pic of Sally, Sonic, and Bunnie.
This one is part of the cover for a fan comic.

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