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This Sonic site is ready to glow 'n' go...if something's not working, feel free to yell in my general direction.
(If the images load slowly, blame it on Tripod ;p)

What's New: Just an ugly ol' text file that lists any major updates to this site.

How to Draw Sonic: I don't have any model sheets, but this is close enough.
Originally printed in Sonic the Hedgehog #9 (published by Archie Comics).

Pages that are available & what's on 'em:

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As of May 18, 2018 Lycos discontinued their free e-mail service, so if you really need to talk to me, try the forums at FUS.

Non-Sonic Stuff:
The Star Pac's Pitstop
Space Ace stuff, cuz I was a fan of -that- game before Sonic even existed.

Dragon's Lair Fan Art: The name says it all ;)