Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles "Boss Guide"

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 Next location on this tour is Sandopolis...

Act 1 Ring Gate:  I've found 3 gates in this act.

Your goal is to knock this walking rockpile into the sandpit to the far left.  Let this, uh, statue hop toward you then move back to lure it toward its doom.  When you reach the edge, let ol' rocky jump over you.  Wait for it to turn around, then jump up and hit it on the head (its only vulnerable spot, btw).  This should cause it to fall apart--right into the sandpit.

Super Tails and a Sandopolis Ring Gate
ACT 2 Ring Gate: I've found 3 gates in this act.  The first one can be reached only by Knuckles (climb the left wall at the beginning of this act & follow the passages).  This one (see screenshot above) is close to the end of the act.

Spikes = ouchie!  (So does the laser blast it fires from its head...)
Hmm, that left arm looks like a platform...use it like one to launch an attack to this juggernaut's brick head (but don't touch those spikes!)  This will leave Robotnik open for a hit or 2 before the rock-like armor slides back into place.  The standard 8 hits (on Robotnik) will finish off this menace.