Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles "Boss Guide"

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  Showdown at the Hidden Palace (Sonic & Tails only)


Next stop...Sky Sanctuary!
Sky Sanctuary--Boss #2Sky Sanctuary--Boss #3

Gee, ya think this act has enough bosses?  Guess they're trying to make up for not having an Act 2 here ;)

FIRST BOSS: (The ol' ball-and-chain bit--remember this ship from Sonic 1?)
Two platforms...and one -big- ball at the end of Mecha Sonic's chain.  (Huh?  How did -that- fit inside that little ship?!?)  Target the ship (and Mecha) while avoiding the ball as it swings back and forth.

SECOND BOSS: ("Come down here & fight like a 'bot!") Mecha Sonic returns in a ships that's protected by grey, egg-like satelites.  Each time you hit this ship, one of the satelites becomes a smaller 'image' of the main ship.  Pop each these (like soap bubbles) before attacking the main ship again.  Otherwise, they'll try to surround you.

THIRD BOSS: Face to face(plate) with Mecha Sonic!
Tip: Whenever he lands with his back to ya, get ready to jump!  This is a sure sign that he'll slide across the screen -very- soon.  When Mecha does his own version of the Sonic Spin, DON'T try to hit him--get out of the way instead!!
When he's in between attacks, target his face.