Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles "Boss Guide"

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 Robotnik is out to launch!  The Launch Base is the perfect place for sending a Death Egg into orbit...or into the scrapheap ;)

A pair of spiked balls spin around this bad 'bot.  The sides are a good place to target when the balls are "resting" at the top & bottom.  6 hits will cause 1 ball to fall off.  2 more hits cause the other ball to drop & finishes off this badnik.  Caution: this things seems to be able to home in on ya, so don't stand still for too long!

KNUCKLES: Double the badniks, double the "fun"...2 of these things go after Knux.  Wheee...


First, Robotnik wants you to have a ball--the hard way!  The first big, black ball usually comes out from the top part (above the yellow/blue/red platform) and shatters at the far left.  The platform stays out long enough for you to jump on it and attack Robotnik--do that if you can.  The platform flips up again and the black (bowling?) ball should shoot out from the lower part and roll to the left.  Watch out, cuz it will roll back to the right--but you should be back up on the platform attacking Robotnik again ;)  The standard 8 hits will send Robotnik running.
Once you grab a ride, you'll eventually face the second boss of this act.  This time, Robotnik rides a rocket that's equiped with lasers.  It also zooms up and down the sides fo the screen.  The sections with the lasers take 4 hits each, and the bottom section takes 2.     Aim for the top of the rocket.  If you time it right, you can "juggle" for a couple of hits, but watch out for the little gray "ball" that rotates around Dr. R.'s cockpit, cuz it -can- hurt you.

NOTE: If you were playing Sonic 3 only, you'd face a third boss--a machine with really -big- hands (don't let them grab ya!) and spikes sticking out of the top.