Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles "Boss Guide"

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 Welcome to Marble Garden!  Hope you survive the experience... ;D

ACT 1 BOSS: ("The Drill Bit")
I usually attack it from the side--there's little danger of landing on the drills this way ;o
Watch out when it drills upward; this causes rocks (no damage) and stalagtites (causes damage, but bounces harmlessly off of shields) to rain down on ya.

Act 2, mid-level encounter: Robotnik pops out of the ground at this point and causes a cave-in!  Run to the left and follow the terrain to avoid getting trapped (and squished).

Sonic gets ready to fight MG act2 boss

SONIC: Target the top of this thing--but don't land on the drill bit when it's up!
It takes 8 hits to defeat this machine.  (I can usually get in a hit or 2 while we're still on the ground (see the pic on the left).

TAILS: Fighting this boss is very tricky (took me ages to figure it out!).  You must attack with his twirling tails.  Not only that, but you must avoid touching the drill bit and the exhaust coming out of the jets while you do it!  Furthermore, you haveta hit 'im 8 times.


KNUCKLES: Not only does Knuxie haveta go a different way, he fights a different boss.

See those spiked balls?  Don't run into them.  The best place to target is the top of this 'bot.  If you're careful (or desperate), you can attack the sides IF the exhaust flames aren't in the way.  Standing under this guy is not a good idea ;)