Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles "Boss Guide"

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Pop the balloons and win cool prizes!  It's Carnival Night!

See the little cone-shaped thing with the spikes?  Don't let it ram you!  Standing on top of it is okay (if you're daring enough to do that).  Your objective is to make the cone-shaped part ram the main part of the machine while its bottom section is extended.  How you you make it extend?  By hitting the green part of the machine.

Don't touch the green parts and don't let the green ball drop on you.
Watch out when Robotnik hovers over the ball--this means he's about to use an electrical attack that draws you in toward him!  Hit him when he swoops down to get the ball (after the electrical attack), but be careful not to hit those little green balls on his ship.  8 hits will cause Robotnik's attack plan to blow up in his face.

KNUCKLES: Knux gets off easy this time--he doesn't fight a boss at the end of this act.