The Star Pac's Pitstop

*sigh* This is -still- a rather plain index page for all of my Space Ace stuff...but at least the header has a nice banner now ;)

Space Ace Oddities: I found a few weird things about the game & show 'em off there.
Wacky Walkthru: My, er, unique guide to getting through the Readysoft CD release of Space Ace.
Not so Wacky Walkthru: Guide for getting through the Digital Leisure DVD-ROM release. (Heh. Sorry; Looks like Digital Leisure took down -that- page :O )
What You Say?: A transcript of the (in)famous "Motorcycles Scene".
Groot Galleria: This is where I keep my fan art and altered screenshots.
(Very old) screenshots from the game. Removed. (You can find -videos- of the game on You Tube and other places, such as the Dragon's Lair Project, now.)
Episode Guide & other stuff about the Ruby-Spears cartoon.
Er, so what's the difference?: (still a work in progress) This page points out some of the major differences between Space Ace, the game, and Space Ace, the Ruby-Spears cartoon series.

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