My Dragon's Lair Fan Art

Not much here...just a "quick & dirty" page I threw up so people can find my pictures ;p

giddygoon.jpg: A color pencil drawing of a Giddy Goon.

ggsketch.jpg: Sketch for the above drawing.

chibidirk.gif: Dirk has been Chibi-ized!

Dirk 1: One of my Dirk pics that doesn't look -too- awful to show.

Dirk 2: Ditto...

Dirk, poses: some sketches I made while trying to draw Dirk.

The Giddy Goon, again

Thinking?: Uh..that's -one- way to describe what this goon is doing.

Dirk in Crayon: Actually outlined in ballpoint pen, then colored with crayon on a brown paper bag...because that's what was handy. (and proof that I'm insane ;p)
A more recent Dirk I'm obviously out of practice. (Sketch for that pic)

A Bad Reflection: (colored pencils) It should be obvious -why- the reflection is bad news for Dirk ;D
B&W sketch for the above pic. Currently working on digitally colored version, using this sketch, because the sword didn't look so shiny in the colored pencil version.

Fan Grrl: my Avatar, dressed in a manner more appropriate for this page ;D
Horsing Around: The first thing that came out of my silly head for the "Do Something Creative" thread over at the DLP forum.
Mordroc wants YOU!: (B&W sketch)The second thing I did for the "Do Something Creative" thread.


Hoaxes (Er, only one hoax here at the moment)

Since when did Dirk carry marshmallows? : A hoax I made from a DL screenshot.