Kat's Sonic Cheats & Tricks

Sonic CD  (Sega CD)

Special Times: (note: these also work for the PC version)
        Get your total time in Time Attack below 37' 27" 57 to access Sound Test.
        Get your total time in Time Attack below 30' 21" 05 to access Bonus Round Time Attack (by highlighting a zone &
            pushing left on the controller).
        Get your total time in Time Attack below 25' 46" 12 to access Visual Mode!!

Audio Debugging Mode (slightly different for PC version--see below)

Press D,D,D,L, R, A at title screen (while "Press Start" is flashing) for hidden Sound Test menu (NOT the same one from above)

Secret Bonus Round
(It's on the PC version too, but this is NOT how you get to it)

Use the hidden Sound Test and set all 3 menu items to "07" and press start.

Hidden Screens (graphic displays)

Set hidden Sound Test items to:

46, 12, 25 -- "Evil Man" picture

42, 04, 21 -- humanoid Sonic

44, 11, 09 -- Japanese captioned Sonic

42, 03, 01 -- MC Sonic, the fastest DJ

Scan of the Hidden Screens: from Tips & Tricks (Summer 1994)

 Debug Mode
Set hidden Sound Test menu items to 40, 12, 11. A picture of Tails will be displayed. Start a new game & you can use the object editor. The B button changes Sonic into an object, A picks an object, and C placed the object.

Stage Select
At title screen ("Press Start" flashes): U, D, D, L, R, B

Warning! When I tried this on my PC version, it crashed!  Use the Stage Select cheat in the Sonic CD for PC section below instead!

Title Screen Tricks
Hold A and press : U, D, D, D, D, U
Use second controller to change the graphics.

 Sonic CD for PC  (These work!  I should know--I tested them on *my* PC!)

Level Select:
    Press Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, spacebar

Hidden Sound Test:
    Press Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, spacebar

Secret Special Stage:
    In hidden sound test, change settings to 07, 07 & hit Enter.

Debug Mode:
    In hidden sound test, change settings to 12, 11
    Press Esc for control, spacebar to scroll thru items, and C to place items.

Hidden Pictures:
    M.C. Sonic -- change hidden sound test settings to: 03, 01
    Humanoid Sonic --  change hidden sound test settings to: 04, 21
    Japanese Sonic --   change hidden sound test settings to: 11, 09  (Sonic, sitting down.  Caption is in Japanese.)
    "Evil" Man -- change hidden sound test settings to: 12, 25  (tiled Sonics with some evil-looking guy's face)
{There might be more, but I haven't found & tested them yet.}

If you really want to see MY times,click here.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

Stage Select:
At title screen, Press U, D, L, R then hold A and press Start.

Sonic 2 (Genesis)

Stage Select:
At the Sound Test menu, play these sounds in this order: 19, 65, 9,17 then go to title screen. Hold A and press Start.

Chaos Emeralds Cheat:
From Stage Select menu, listen to sounds (in this order): 4, 1, 2, & 6 to get all the emeralds. Start a game, collect 50 rings & have fun! ;)
note: This WILL work in conjunction with the Stage Select!

Sonic 3  (Genesis)

Stage Select:
Before the title screen (blurry Sonic running) press: U,U,D,D,U,U,U,U to get the Sound Test menu and Stage Select.

Debug Mode:
Highlight a working zone on Stage Select. Hold A and press Start. B--> access features, A--> scroll thru items, C--> place items.

Sonic 3D Blast  (Genesis)

At the title screen (where it says "press start"), enter  B,A, right, A,C, up, down, A.
You should hear the "start" sound and the Sound Test/Controls/Start screen should come up.  When you select the start option, a list of zones should come up.  Even the 14 bonus rounds (7 "Tails" rounds & 7 "Knuckles" rounds) & "The Final Fight" are listed!
Oh, you can skip levels by pausing the game and pressing A.

Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis)

Stage Select:
Grab onto any pulley in the Mushroom Hill Zone and press L,L,L, R,R,R, U,U,U (You have to do this kinda fast).  You should hear the "grabbed a ring" sound, which indicates that this cheat is in place.  Pause the game by pressing Start and then press A.  This will take you back to the title screen.  Hold A, then press start.  The "blue screen" with all the levels listed should come up.

Notes: This will work with Sonic 3 attached.  This will NOT work on the PC version (which is a part of the Sonic & Knuckles Collection), mainly because one key (usually the spacebar) does double duty as the Start -and- A button.    [See cheats for Sonic & Knuckles Collection for PC]

The Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC)

Stage Select:
Choose "Sonic 3" or "Sonic 3 + Sonic and Knuckles".  On Angel Island, jump onto a swinging vine and press L,L,L, R,R,R, U,U,U.  You should hear a "ring grab" sound if it worked.  Click on the FILE menu and select "Restart Game".  When the title screen comes up, press down twice to reach an option labelled "SOUND TEST".  This takes you to the blue level select screen instead of the nromal sound test. Note: If you're playing S3 + S&K, this also works while hanging from a pulley in Mushroom Hill.

Screen Shots:
This really isn't a cheat, but...
Pressing F9 will save the current screen display in the Sonic3K folder (in .BMP format).

SONIC3K.BIN Saved game file: Put this .bin file in the "Sonic3k" folder & enjoy being cheezy ;) No longer available cuz Tripod/Lycos hates .bin & .zip files -.-

Sonic Spinball (Genesis)

Stage Select:
Go to the "Options" screen.  Press A,  Down, B, Down, C, Down, A, B, Up, A, C, Up, B, C, Up.  You should hear a "special message" sound (*dunt da duh!*) if this worked.  Go back to the title screen and :
Hold A, then press the Start button for Lvl. 2 ("Lava Powerhouse")
Hold B, then press Start for Lvl. 3 ("The Machine")
Hold C, then press Start for Lvl.4 ("Showdown")
Note: This cheat seems fussy at times.  Waiting for the word "Start" to light up (white) before pressing Start seems to work more often than doing it when the word "Start" is kinda grayed out.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

Stage "passwords"
for every difficulty level. Good luck in beating Dr. Robotnik! ;D

Sonic 2 (Game Gear)

Stage Select:
Press & hold buttons 1 and 2 and press Down & Right on the control pad, at the title screen. Then press start and hold the entire combination 'til the Stage Select appears.
note: I could not test this one because I don't own a Game Gear :(

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