Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine -- stage "passwords"
Red Red Red Orange
Black Purple Black Green
Red Black Orange Yellow
Black Blue Blue Purple
Purple Yellow Red Blue
Yellow Green Purple Orange
Yellow Purple Orange Blue
Red Yellow Black Orange
Green Purple Blue Black
Red Orange Orange Yellow
Yellow Orange Blue Yellow

Orange Black Yellow Yellow
Blue Black Red Yellow
Yellow Blue Black Purple
Orange Green Blue Yellow
Green Purple Purple Yellow
Purple Blue Green Orange
Green Orange Black Yellow
Blue Purple Orange Orange
Orange Red Yellow Black
Black Red Red Blue
Green Green Black Yellow
Purple Yellow Orange Black

Green Black Yellow Yellow
Yellow Black Purple Black
Blue Green Black Blue
Red Purple Green Green
Yellow Yellow Black Green
Purple Black Blue Blue
Black Yellow Orange Yellow
Purple Blue Blue Green
Black Green Red Yellow
Blue Yellow Yellow Orange
Green Black Black Blue
Orange Black Purple Orange

Blue Blue Green Yellow
Green Yellow Green Black
Purple Purple Red Orange
Green Red Purple Blue
Purple Black Green  Yellow
Blue Purple Green Orange
Black Purple Orange Yellow
Purple Green Orange Black
Green Blue Yellow Orange
Green Purple Orange Red
Red Green Orange Blue
Red Red Black Yellow

NOTE: the "black" bean sometimes appears to be gray & the orange "bean" is actually Has-Bean (he's orange ;o).