Cute Groots

Summary:  Borf's direct attack on the Moon Colony masks his true plan, which involves using the Infanto Ray on his Groots and getting Trader Ed to sell them to the unsuspecting colonists.

This one has that "first episode feel" to it.  The opening shots establish the setting (namely Space Command on Earth), the first 2 people we see are Ace and Kimberly, and there's quite a bit of exposition scattered around.  Heh, this episode even cribbed a few lines from the game (albeit in very different context).  Compare this exchange to my transcript of the Motorcycles Scene :

ACE: Sounds like the old man's got his jets in an uproar again.
KIMBERLY: Get serious! He wouldn't call us if it weren't important, Dexter!
ACE: Hey, call me "Ace"!

While the Space Marshall (Vaughn) gives them the latest dirt , Ace transforms into Dexter behind his back .  Kim covers for him ("Ace?  Er, he left to warm up the Star Pac") and drags Dexter away .  Dexter messes around with his pistol ("...we'll get those rotten buzzers, sir.") and accidentally hits a flower pot, which falls on Vaughn's head (this part usually makes me chuckle a bit--maybe because I don't like Vaughn very much).
After she and Dexter flee a safe distance away from Vaughn's office, Kimberly lectures him and we get the first bits of exposition...

KIMBERLY: You better watch those changes, Dexter. If -anyone- finds out Borf hit you with the Infanto Ray, they'll ground you until they find a cure.
DEXTER: Golly! That could take forever--and I can't control the changes they...
[*Dexter changes into Ace *]
ACE:...kind of happen.
Scene shifts to an area near the Moon Colony, where Ace, in the Star Pac, drives off a squad of Borf's buzzers , while borrowing another line from the game ("See ya later, Space Invader!" *). Camera cuts to Borf's base, where Borf reveals his true plan to La Grin [and the viewers ;)]. He tells his robotic orange lackey to ready the Infanto Ray. La Grin drops some more exposition ("...but the Infanto Ray hasn't been perfected to use on humans yet.") and Borf reveals that he has a created a special version of it that works only on Groots. La Grin uses the ray on some Groots and Borf summons his spy , Trader Ed (while La Grin rounds up the Grootlings and puts them in a basket).

Scene shifts back to the Star Pac and, just as Kimberly is about to kick back and relax , a distress call comes in. Ace adjusts the reception on the comm and reponds. Trader Ed feeds them a line about being attacked by buzzers en route to the Moon Colony and claims his ship has lost power. Ace buys the line and offers to give Ed a tow.
Cut to the Moon Colony... Trader Ed lays it on thick and goes into a sales pitch ("If it wasn't for these two -valiant- officers, I wouldn't be here to offer you this fantastic bargain."), holds up a Grootling , and calls it a "Cosmic Kitling". Kim thinks it's cute--Ace gets licked by it. :D Ace decides to test its intelligence with a game of fetch (??) and wonders why the little critters seem familiar .
Scene shifts to Borf , who just happened to be spying on them. ;) He points his special Infanto Ray toward the Moon Colony and fires it . The ray was apparently set in "reverse" mode, 'cause the blast makes all the Grootlings transform back into Groots . Trader Ed runs off with his pockets stuffed with money (and shouting "No refunds! No refunds!!" Hee, hee, hee...) thus leaving Ace and Kimberly to deal with the chaos going on around them. Ace now knows why the critters seemed familiar and states the obvious, "They're Borf's Groots!" They get surrounded by Groots, but manage to fight their way out and run to the Star Pac. Ace figures that the best way to deal with the Groot invasion is to slip into Borf's space station and use the Infanto Ray on 'em, Soon after they blast off, Kimberly notes that they have company and Ace gets the feeling his not-so-little "friend" doesn't want to play fetch any more--so they wrestle instead, while Kim takes control of the Star Pac ;D Her asteroid evasion move allows Ace to get the upper hand and stuff his furry playmate into a compartment under his seat. Unfortunately for Ace, the Infanto curse kicks in and he changes into Dexter. The groot takes full advantage of the situation and Dexter ends up in the compartment. Kimberly comes to his rescue and stuns the Groot with a shot from a blaster. Dexter gets, um...Dexter notes an incoming message and activates the comm screen. Borf gives them an ultimatum. Naturally they decline, so Borf sends out a welcoming party--in the form of space mines ( -lots- of space mines). Dexter has trouble remembering where the "fire" button is...

Er, pardon me while I put this review on "pause" and go into rant mode:
Okay, that bit annoys me. Ace was hit by the -Infanto - Ray, NOT the -Stupidity- Ray! How come the nuts at Ruby Spears tended to make Dexter the comedy relief? That scene is the first in a way uncool trend to write Dexter as a complete idiot.

Anyway, blind luck sees him through as he manages to blast their way through some space mines and into Borf's HQ.
A funny thing happened on their way to the Control Room...well, Dexter and Kimberly probably didn't think it was funny ;D La Grin and a pair of Patrol Pups intercept them. Dexter pulls out his blaster, but La Grin blasts it out of his hands and them lets slip his dogs of war. Dexter reverts back to his normal form and easily sidesteps the pups' attack. Ace and Kim make a run for it, only to run into Ace's little playmate :) Ace yanks a pipe loose and decides that a game of fetch is in order. Ace tosses the pipe at La Grin ("Here, think fast!") and the Groot chases after it--and predictably knocks down the orange robot.

After breaking another one of Borf's toys, Ace finally enters the control room and (along with Kimberly) confronts the big blue alien. While exchanging trash talk with the Earthlings, Borf summons one more robot in an attempt to capture the couple.
Ultimately, Borf ends up in a bubble, Ace and Kimberly use the special Infanto Ray to turn the Groots back into, um Grootlings...and then Kimberly tries to use the ray to cure Ace. After that obviously doesn't work, Borf laughs at them and manages to hit a button that summons some of his guards...but not before Ace rewires the "special" ray to explode.

* NOTE: That line was used in a very similar context in the game, but Dexter is the one who said it.