Space Ace--Transcript of the "Motorcycle Scene" dialogue

 One of the most interesting scenes in this game (IMHO) is the infamous "Motorcyle Scene". After listening carefully for about an hour, I finally managed to figure out what they were saying.

Kimberly: Dexter, you’re late!

Ace: Call me ‘Ace’, huh? Hop on.

Kimberly: (sarcastically)Thanks. I’ll walk.

(Huge alien pops up and eats the ramp. Ace grabs Kimberly & they take off on the ‘cycle.)

Kimberly: Dexter, the Infanto Ray is about to be fired at Earth!!

Ace: Call me ‘Ace’, huh? Where’s it located?

Kimberly: In the center of the complex.

Ace: Can you get us in there?

Kimberly: Yes.

Ace: Lugnuts! [That's what he said!  No, I don't know why]  Borf know I’m here?

Kimberly: Yes. He’s geared for battle!

(They avoid crashing into a biker.)

Ace: Let’s say we shoot Borf with his own Infanto Ray...

Kimberly: I guess...

Ace: Let’s say we have diner together...

Kimberly: Get serious!

Ace: I am! :)

(More bikers come at them.)

Kimberly: Make a left.

Ace: Watch out Borf old buddy; here we come!

Kimberly: Dexter! Look out!

(Ace reverts back to Dexter.)

Dexter: Call me ‘Ace’--huh?

[end of scene]

[end of transcript]

Ack! Don't shoot!