Name: Kalindra Eloren Raistani 
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 19
Species: Rabbit (but see below...)
Eye Color: Violet
Fur color: Tan with light yellow.
Hair/headfur color: Yellow.
Organization: Cyber Emerald Strike Team #2
Relatives: Orion Raistani (father, leopard, deceased), Amber Raistani (mother, rabbit, roboticized), Wanda S'Devi (aunt, rabbit, fate unknown) a.k.a. "The Enchantress".
Background: At first glance Kalindra may seem to be a tall but otherwise ordinary Mobian rabbit...but her leopard tail marks this wandering Battlemage as a half-breed. Change has been the only constant in her life ever since her mentor, Dhelt Taninbrae, was attacked and his assailant banished Kal to a world of darkness. After 4 years of gathering knowledge, fighting battle after battle, and travelling from world to world, she finally arrived on Mobius. However, she discovered it was not the world she once knew.

Personality/Habits: She is slightly cynical and rather paranoid. ("I'm not paranoid--people really ARE out to get me!"), but a loyal ally to those who have earned her trust. Has a wicked sense of humor and a 'thing' against slavery. Definitely a schemer and a meddler; if she can pit two enemies against each other she -will-...and she usually enjoys doing that. She tends to use the words "Kroog" and "Krutz" as all-purpose swearwords. Although she has a generally logical and Lawful nature, she's been known to behave a bit oddly at times, but even then she seems to think clearly enough to cast spells. This odd behavior is the manifestation of a mental instability caused by Kal using her Regenerate spell to cheat death on several occassions. (However, Kalindra isn't aware of this and she dismisses her psychotic episodes as a side-effect of being "part homicidal jungle cat".)

Skills: She was trained by the wizard Dhelt Taninbrae as a Battlemage and is Proficient with blunt weapons, particularly her mace. Has a photographic memory and an innate "danger sense" which may be a side-effect from her frequent use of alteration spells--or maybe from something else. .  Speaking of magic, she excels in alteration, conjuration, and elemental/energy-manipulation magics, but has trouble with healing and necromantic spells. Also has the ability to sense strong concentrations of energy--most notably the "power levels" of other fighters.

--Cloak of Deflection (purple)
--Mana Battery (earring)
--Bracers of Defense
--"Mystic Mace"%
--Emerald broach (Spectral Emerald*)
-- spellbook (Actually, it is a crystal--kinda like Lezar's "book" of spells.)

*Notes About the Spectral Emerald:
It's not a Cyber Emerald--it's an Armor Emerald.
     The main differenc between the two is that an Armor Emerald doesn't have all the weaponry that a Cyber
     Emeralds provides with its armor. Think of an Armor Emerald as some sort of prototype for the Cyber Emeralds ;)
The Spectral Emerald provides lightweight, (glowing) purple & silver Spectral Armor which hinders neither movement nor spellcasting.  Spectral Armor grants these abilities:
--Energy Drain

%Notes about Kalindra's "Mystic Mace": Kalindra's weapon of choice is a Greatmace made of Mithril (a lightweight and very durable, magical metal) which has a spiked head. The spike allows the mace to do piercing damage in addition to crushing damage. It bears several enchantments:
--Taur Strength: magically boosts weilder's strength while the mace is held. When weilded by Kalindra, the mace can shatter stone and dent/damage metallic armor.
--Troll Blood: reduces fatigue and helps its weilder heal faster.
--Rune of Recall: can absorb 1 spell and store it for later use.

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