Bubble Shield: Similar to the bubble shield found in the Sonic games. Acts as an air supply. Blunt weapon damage is reduced to zero. A sharp object can "pop" this shield.

Fire Shield: Similar to the fire shield found in the Sonic games. All fire-based damage is reduced to zero. May reduce 1 attack's or attack sequence's damage to zero, but this brings down the shield.

Electro Shield: Similar to the electro-shield from the Sonic games. All electrical damage is reduced to zero. Also acts as an electromagnet and can shoot lightning bolts. Does not protect user against physical attacks.

Mana/Energy Drain: Causes a target to lose mana/energy.

Steelskin/Stoneskin: Makes skin as durable as steel or stone. Protects against physical attacks.


Acid Darts: Causes acid damage to multiple targets.

Blizzard: Causes heavy cold damage in a 20' area.

Fireball: Causes fire damage to multiple targets.

Lightning Bolt: Causes electrical damage to 1 target.

Kalindra's Kinetic Claws: (unique spell) Creates 8 "claws" made of force (4 per hand) temporarily. The "claws" don't really cut; they send a piece of whatever they hit elsewhere.

ShockStorm: Causes heavy electrical damage to all targets in a 25' radius sphere. -Very- draining to the caster!

Stone Curse: Temporarily turns 1 target to stone. This paralyzes most targets, but very powerful beings can shrug off the effects. Think of this as a very limited "Hold Monster" spell. ;)


Regenerate: Heals damage done to target creature. Allows lost limbs to grow back. (Kinda like giving someone Wolverine's healing factor for a few minutes...)


Summon Creature: (similar to "Monster Summoning" in AD&D) Summons a creature native to the current area to do caster's bidding.

Summon Elemental: Summons a creature from one of the elemental planes (The 4 major ones are: Air, Earth, Fire, & Water) to fight or perform tasks for the caster.

Summon Minor Daemon: Summons a creature (minor daemon) from the Abyss to fight or perform 1 task for the caster.

General Purpose:

Dimension Walk: (the "purple portal") Allows caster to travel from one dimension to another.

Dispel Magic (a.k.a. Counterspell): Disrupts one spell or cancels magical effects on one target.

Giant Growth: Temporarily makes a living target larger.

Phase: Temporarily makes target creature intangible (able to pass through solid objects).

Rust: Causes metal to become brittle.

Stealth: Makes caster/target invisible, silient (a la Elvenboots), and messes up heat-based vision.

Telekinesis: Can move objects/creatures without touching them. (Similar to the Telekinesis spell from the game "Diablo".)