Kat's Mobian Fan Art

RPG Characters: 

These characters are from "Mobian RPG"

Cemator: One bad, undead hedgehog!
Dadaeleon: Renegade Evra, Strike Team member, & owner of the Metal Cyber Emerald.
Dadaeleon, again: Revised look for the Evra renegade.
Duo Prower: Our "fearless leader" ;D
Kalindra Raistani:(b&w) A rabbit/magic-user I played in Duo's "Mobian RPG".
Kalindra3: An old drawing that I used to use on Kal's profile page.
Kalindra, walking: My most current rendition of my battlemage.
Fun with color pencil: Just wondered if she'd look good in c.p.
Kalindra, armored: Kalindra -finally- figured out how to activate her Spectral Emerald's armor.
Revised armor: I hope this one takes care of the head protection issue ;p
Kalgoyle: "Note to self: never eat Red Goop(tm) Cookies..."
Kalindra--Profile Page.:  Bio-sheet for this character.
Kalindra, as a baby: One of Centurion's 'baby pics' inspired this.
Centurion, as a baby: Can't say I did any better with this concept than Cent did.  Oh, well ;p
Maric: A reasonable rendition of our resident healer (er, I -hope- it's a reasonable rendition)
Silverstreak: An echidna with a red 'ring' and a Cyber Emerald. (I -know- he's supposed to be silver; this was as close as I could get it...)
Zero Sonic: One of Kalindra's teammates. (Er, this is an old look for Zero--but I like it :)
Zero 2: This -should- be Zero's updated look...unless he's changed yet again ;)

Mobian Saiyans?? : This is proof that I've been watching too much Dragonball Z.
-What- action?:Mobian RPG has been inactive for months. This is what Kalindra thinks about it.

'Messageboard' Characters:

These characters aren't associated with any particular RPG, messageboard, etc.

Kat MoKat: My oldest Mobian persona, used mostly in play-acting--and MessageBoard fics!
Armored MoKat: Let the mischeif begin!
More MoKat mischeif: My character, misbehaving -again-...
Flame On!: MoKat gets a flamethrower ready...
Christmasy!: I'm ready to deck somebody's halls :D
T2 presents--MoKat: T2 was nice enough to draw this for me :)
"Now Where am I Gonna GO?!": MechaSonic25 (a.k.a Darian Swiftrunner) -really- needs to find a better hobby...
Birthday Gift: Guess what I got for Sarah-Le's b-day...
Irresistable: Jen + Eevee costume = instant T2 magnet ;)
 SquirTony: This is what you'd get if ya combined a Squirtle with Tony the Hedgehog.
JenVee?!?: Jen, as an Eevee.  Hey, weird stuff happens in MB fics!
CharToilet:  Er, something weird happened in a messageboard fic...MS25 was turned into a funky cross between Charmander and a toilet :D :D :D
Saiya-Jin??: Jinsoku, wearing Saiyan armor :)
Remy in a dress: I couldn't get this image out of my head after reading SB13 & Sarah-Le's  'story'.  ["pink polka-dot dress"?!?  Bwah, ha, ha, ha, hah! ]
Clanker: My Dark Legion scientist.
Cor Echidna: My Dark Legion demolitions expert.
Hawke Echidna: Just an echidna, just because ;D
Foxy Guy: Inspired by one of my "doodles".  I still dun have a name for this guy--but I think he looks cool.
Sailor SprayPaint: Whenever Sailorness/Pretty Sailor Soldier Sickness hits the Mobius Forum, I become Sailor Spraypaint..
Dark Tuxedo Magician: Heh...looks like my Dark Magician -isn't- immune to Sailorness o.O;;;;;
Hatless again??: What my Dark Magician normally looks like...er, but without his hat.
Okay, -who- stole it -this- time? ;D
Demented Duo at DSHQ: MoKat & a Sith wanna-be *cough* visited Darkside HQ's messageboard...
Boxers or Briefs?: Somebody usually asks that in the S.P.A.--This is how my DM answered :P
Chibified: Ack! Gotenks the Hedgehog hit us with a Chibi Pillow during the Pillow Fight thread at the S.P.A.!!

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