Space Ace Oddities

Star Pac Stupidity
If you have the Digital Leisure release of Space Ace for Windows '95, the beginning of the SPA06.AVI
goes something like this...

This sequence doesn't seem odd, until you consider that Dexter landed the Star Pac at the -beginning- of the previous area!

No-Pants Dance??
During the final scene, Borf seems to loose his pants while fighting Ace.

(Er, nice knees, Borf  ;p)
Probably just a coloring error, but a rather odd one at that! ;D

Here's one that's -really- odd...
In the last scene, Borf gets hit by his own ray...
...but then we see Ace catch Kimberly, who seems to be dropping in from  -nowhere-(!?!)
...and they stare

...then it switches to a shot of Borf.

Uh, so, what the heck just happened???
My guess is somebody goofed & that bit with Ace catching Kimmy wasn't supposed to go there ;p
Come to think of it, that sequence reminds me of something from the trailer/attract mode for the game...
BTW, that bit can be found in both the ReadySoft and Digital Leisure releases of the game.

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