Groot Galleria

This is where I keep the Space Ace pics ;)

Fan Art

Groots: a sketch of a couple of the cat-like critters.
Crouching Groot: Colored drawing based on one of the sketches.
Portrait of Kimmy: Colored pencil piccy of Kimmy ;p
Ace: One of my first attempts at drawing him.
Keyblade Kimmy: Why? Because it's not fair that Disney characters get to have -all- the fun...and I'm insane ;D
Sketch for the insanity above.
I "borrowed" Dexter's gear... Does it look better on me or him? ^.^


Altered Pics

  "Ka-a-a-a-t!  Return my pants NOW!"

No wonder the StarPac kept crashing...

Another excuse for crashing.

Proof that the local radio station plays the Baha Men too much ;o

They seemed awfully cheerful about my wrong turn ;D

(The caption says it all...)