Space Ace (IBM PC/MAC, Readysoft CD version)Borf Vs. Ace

(Revised on 11/10/2001)

Author’s Note -or- "Why I typed this":

I noticed that what few walk-throughs that exist for Space Ace did not match my version of the game. Mine is on a CD and came in a jewel case. Instruction booklet? WHAT booklet? All I got was an instruction sheet (which mainly covered installation). Therefore, I will describe the scenes as I see them, since I lack any other designation for them. The art on the CD has Ace shooting his pistol and Kimberly standing behind him (same as on the destruction--er, um--instruction sheet). I couldn’t find a version number on the darn thing, but the stupid thing wants EMS in order to run. (It took me a while to set up a Win ‘95 shortcut that worked, but I -did- it! It -can- be done! :)
It has all the scenes from "the short version" (Cadet level) of the arcade game and 3 scenes from "the long version" (Captain level--or Space Ace level for anyone crazy enough to attempt a *flawless* run). The Scrapyard scene was placed after the Partol Pups’ area, which does NOT make sense (to me, at least), but I think it was that way on the original, too (O.o What were they smoking??).

[begin rant]

(I really DO wish they’d put out a version that has ALL the scenes from the original game--in the correct order AND WITH THE CORRECT TIMINGS, blast it!   Skill levels & score display would be nice, too ;)
Digital Leisure may have put out a "re-mastered" Win '95 version, but the timings are -still- weird--plus  it's even fussier about moves than the one this walk through covers!   The DVD versions -look- nice, but play horribly...more "black screen" time than the original!!  Aaarrgh!!)

But there is hope..I saw this posted at the Dragon's Lair Project messageboard:
 Posted by Jeff Kinder on November 8, 2001 at 8:34 AM
 >> but to be incorporated into the making of a near perfect version of DL, well my hats
 >> off to you Jeff and all who helped in the making of this version of DL.

 Thanks Matt. Yes, Dave Hallock and myself assisted Digital Leisure with this latest version of Dragon's Lair. We are also working with them closely on the release of the Arcade Authentic Space Ace CD-ROM. (there is no release date for this game yet)

 >> what precisely is the difference between arcade and home version modes?

 The major differences in the arcade version of the CD-ROM are:

 - takes out the drawbridge scene
 - does not have the continue feature (i think)
 - puts the "blackouts" in between each scene like the arcade version does when it's searching the laser disc.

[end paste]

Woo-hoo!   3 guesses who'll be first in line at E.B. for an Arcade Authentic Space Ace CD-ROM... ;)
If the AA version of Dragon's Lair (which just came out) is any indication, this should be VERY good.
Maybe I'll -finally- be happy with a Space Ace  port for the PC ;D

[end rant]


NOTE: The format I will use is as follows; a list of moves for the scene, then a detailed explanation of them.
KEY: L = Left, R= Right, U=Up, D= Down, F=Fire (use the button or spacebar)

 Opening Area--Barren Planet
Scene 1


R--dodge Borf’s blast, R--dodge again, L--go to rock/avoid robots,L--avoid robots, F--to energize. This is optional. Energizing will take you to Scene 2; otherwise you’ll go to Scene 3

Scene 2


F--shoot robot to avoid it’s claw, R--get off crumbling ledge, L--go to ledge/avoid blast, R--get off ledge/avoid blast, F--blast robot, L--jump over crumbling ground

Scene 3 (robots with pistons)


* = wait for the piston to go up to make your move

 Area 2--Space Maze

This can get a little tricky. The path is a little different, depending if you come in from the left or from the right (the game decides this for you). I will use L/R to indicate this and assume that we’re coming in from the left. Reverse the moves in [ ] if you come in from the right.

path 1: U, L/R, D, [L], U,U, R,U,R,U

path 2: U, L/R, U, F, [L], F, D, F, U, R, U

 PATH 1: U--avoid crashing, L/R--go L or R, depending on which way you came in, D--at the Up/Down fork in the maze, L--avoid crashing, U--pull up, U--pull up, R--avoid crashing, U--avoid crashing, R--avoid crashing, U--exit maze

 PATH 2: U--avoid crashing, L/R--go L or R, depending on which way you came in, U--at the Up/Down fork, F--shoot floating mine, L--avoid crashing into wall, F--shoot another mine, D--avoid crashing, F--shoot mine, U--pull up to avoid wall, R--avoid crashing, U--exit maze

Area 3--Space Station Entry

NOTE: path 1--go thru the scene as Dexter the whole time path 2--energize & get in some target practice (heh, heh).

PATH 1: U, L/R, U,U,U,U,U,U,[L],U, R/L*

* = your choice; doesn’t really matter as long as you make the move in time.

PATH 2: U, L/R, U,U, F, L, F, U, U, F, L, R/L*

* = your choice; doesn’t really matter as long as you make the move in time.

U--avoid containment unit, L/R--go through hatch, U--avoid containment, U--avoid containment, F--energize, L--avoid containment, F--shoot goon #1 (heh,heh!), U--avoid, U--aviod, F--shoot goon #2 (hee,hee!), L--avoid, R/L--go down the ladders.

Area 4--Robots Attack!

L PATH: [L],U, [R],[L],[R], U, [R],[L], R/L*

* = your choice.

L--dodge robot’s blast,

Area 5--Patrol Pups’ Area (hangar??)
note: path 1--transform into Ace & kick butt
path 2--go thru as Dexter the whole time


U,L,R (see below), F--energize, R--dodge Pups, L--dodge, F--shoot Pup, L--dodge, F--shoot robot, L--dodge, L--dodge, R--go up ladder

 PATH 2: U,L,R,U,R,L,U,R

U--lead Pups into a blast, L--dodge blast, R--dodge,U--avoid Pups, R--avoid blast, L--avoid blast, U--dodge Pups, R--climb ladder

 Area 6--Scrapyard/Junk Planet
NOTE: This is a scene from the "long version". It also repeats--you have to go through it twice for some dumb reason.
*bleh*  Wiseguys at Readysoft  were probably trying to toss in some Captain level-style gameplay in here.
("Trying" being the opperative word here ;p)

PATH 1: F,[R],U, F, F, [R], F*, L, F, R

* --> you need to move left just after making this move.

F--fire gun, R--move away (occasionally you’ll go left; it depends on which way Dexter is facing), U--dodge, F--energize,

PATH 2: F, [R],U, [R], F, [R], [L], [R], U

 Area 7--Scrapyard, Revisited

NOTE: Dexter always faces the opposite way from the first run. Therefore, the moves mirror it.

PATH 1 (redux): F, [L], U, F, F, [L], F*, R, F, L

PATH 2 (redux): F, [L], U, [L], F, [L], [R], [L], U

 Area 8--Buzzer Bait/Dogfight
NOTE: This is another scene from "the long way".

Most of the time, the flames appear to the left. If they come from the right, move left and then substitute right turns where left turns are indicated below.

R, U, L, L, F, F*, U, D, U, F, U, F, U, F

R--away from flames, U--avoid buzzers/enter "tunnel", L--dodge buzzer’s fire, L--dodge buzzer’s fire, F--shoot buzzer, F--shoot buzzer (needs to follow the first shot imediately), U--pull up/exit "tunnel", D, U (evasive moves), F--shoot ship, U--avoid tower, F--shoot enemy, U--dodge, F--shoot last buzzer.

 Area 9--Borf’s Planet

PATH 1: F,U,F,F,F, [L]

F--shoot aliens, U--avoid vines, F--energize, F--shoot Shag, F--shoot Shag, L--get away (from Shag)


F--shoot aliens, U--avoid vines, U--avoid groots, U--avoid, R--avoid man-eating plant, R-- (ditto), (after this point, I forget...I seldom do it this way--not worth the effort since this port doesn't keep score ;)

 Area 10--Pit & Shape-Shifter

PATH 1: [R],F,R,D,R,R

R--grab rope, F--shoot at shape-shifter, R--dodge blast, D--down the, um, whatever the heck that thing is, R--dodge blasts, R--avoid shape-shifter (perhaps it’s name is Xerox??)

PATH 2: [R],F,R,F,U,F,R,F,D,L,L,U,R,U

R--grab rope, F--shoot at shape-shifter, R--dodge blast, F--energize, U--avoid, F--shoot, R--avoid, F--shoot, D--avoid, L--(avoid--I think), L--the rope is our friend!, U--avoid ‘shifter, R--avoid, U--avoid ‘shifter’s head

 Area 11--Motorcycles!! (yay!! This is one of the most interesting scenes in the game--IMHO--if you take the long way)

PATH 1: (short way) R,L,F,D,F,F

R--drive away from blasts, L--avoid biker aliens, F--shoot biker, D--yank ‘cycle down, then find Kimberly (optional: make rude comment about her panties or use a bad "butt" pun), F--shoot biker, F--shoot biker

PATH 2: (long way) [L], [R], F,F, [L],D,D, F,F,F,[R],F, [L], R, D, F*, D

L--drive away from blasts, R--avoid biker aliens, F--shoot biker, F--energize, then find Kimberly, F--shoot biker, F--shoot biker, L--get on ramp, D--avoid HUGE guy, D--jump over pit, F--shoot pink (tribble?) thing, F--shoot another pink thing (imediately after first shot), F--(shoot the pink thing before it eats your pistol), R--avoid bikers, F--shoot pink things, L--avoid bikers, R--avoid bikers (rolling your eyes at Ace’s pick-up line is optional :), D--turn away from bikers, F--shoot pink things, D--exit area. The last move should be made immediately after firing!

 Area 12--Skating Maze

NOTE: Yet another piece of insanity from "the long version"

Must do: [R],U,[L], *

PATH 1: *R, (Aqatic Zone) L, F

PATH 2: *F, D, L, R, L, U, R, U, L, (Aqatic Zone) L, F, R, D, R#,R

#--> perform this move imediately after previous move

Area 13--Borf’s Control Room

(Optional: While Ace and Kimberly are falling, make rude comments about Kimberly’s panties.)

Must do: L, F,F, R, L,*

L--move off of platform, F--shoot little alien, F--shoot little alien, R--avoid Ray, L--avoid ray

PATH 1: *F,F,R,F,F,U,D,F,R,U,D,U,L,R,L,F,L,R,R,R,L

F--energize, F--get staff, R--roll right to avoid Borf’s attack, F--swing staff, F--block, U--jump,

D--duck Borf’s staff, F--block, R--avoid Borf, U--avoid electricity & get staff, D--duck, U--jump on Borf & sucker punch him, L--swing on rope & rescue Kim, R--jump off platform, L--get staff, S--swing staff (and give little alien a noogie :D), L--avoid ray, R--avoid ray, R--avoid ray, R--avoid ray, L--move mirror (then sit back and watch the ending.)

 PATH 2: *R, ???

R--(dodge staff), ??? (Sorry; I don’t do it this way--this scene is long enough as it is!  I suspect it loops back to the "Energize" scene eventually.)

Er,  Kimberly sure does flash her panties a lot, doesn't she?  *snicker*
How in the *heck* can she run, over rough terrain, in high-heeled boots & NOT trip, anyway?!?
(As seen in the game’s intro.)

Well, G’night ev’rybody!