Space Disgrace
(A Space Ace Parody)

  Space Disgrace and Dimberly were sent out on patrol in the Sixpak. Unfortunately
(yeah, right!), some of Barf’s buzzards appeared and they (the pair in the Sixpak) had to blast their way through to reach Barf’s Dead Panic. Then they sneaked into Barf’s H.P-U.
Suddenly, a group of evil Boots ambushed them. After wiping the floor with his mess of Boots, Disgrace looked over at his partner. She was struggling in the hold of two Boots. But his warning came too late. Barf, La Sin, and two Patrol Cups were homing in on them. After karate-kicking the Patrol Cups, Disgrace leaped on Barf before Barf could shoot his dreaded Infarto Ray at Dimberly while she was duking it out with La Sin. "Yeah!" retored Dimberly (lamely) as she struck Barf with a face punch. Barf countered with a roundhouse kick that sent her sprawling to the floor. Barf ran out of the room before the pair recovered. They crawled through a vent that led to the lab. From the opening, Disgrace took carefull aim and blew the ray to bits with his laser piss-toll. The wrecked ray cannon emitted a repulsive and nauseating smell throughout the room. They reached the Sixpak and blasted off in the nick of time. They ran into a patch of SpaceBinds soon after and they dodged them before they literally ran into them. They passed the SpaceBinds and the coast was clear. The universe was back to (ab)normal.