You Might Qualify for the 'Bunnie Brigade' If...

- you noticed the misprint on the "Super Sonic" video box, and it annoys you
- you noticed the typos in StH #68 and #79 {this goes double if you took the name(s) of Karl Bollers and/or Jeff Powell in vain when you did ("You big dummies!" *bonk*) }.
- the use of lame Southern cliches in the  Sonic the Hedgehog comic (most notably in early issues) annoyed you (counts double if they annoyed you a LOT).
- you’ve gotten into arguments over which parts of Bunnie are robotic and what’s "original equipment" (counts double if you started the arguments)
- you know exactly where I got the phrase "original equipment"
- you refer to an artist drawing Bunnie in a skirt as "skirting the issue"
- you know who Dan Drazen is J  (counts double if "When Bunnie Meets a Bunnie" is your favorite of all his fics ;o)
- you -still- wanna see the "Reverse Universe" Bunnie appear in the (Archie) comics.
- you’ve drawn Bunnie fan art or Sonic fan art with Bunnie in it
- you feel strongly (either way) about Bunnie & Antoine "being an item"
- you have an opinion on whether or not Rotor would be a better match for her
- you have a strong opinion about what happened in "Upgrade" [SSS #11].
- page 7 of the back-up story in SSS #12 freaked you out
-you play a rabbit (or rabbit hybrid) character in a Sonic/Mobian RPG  (counts double if you're a guy)
- you have committed self-insertion in a fan fic just so your avatar can flirt with Bunnie (if your avatar flirts with Sally and Bunnie, it doesn’t count)
- you've written stories about an Alternate Universe version of Bunnie {okay, guilty as charged ;) }

Hmm. This list didn't turn out like the other two; it's mostly annoyances. Perhaps I should rename this "Bunnie Annoyances"? :D ;)
Bunnie brings out The Hose...
Hmm. Maybe not.